ComforTec™ Fit System

For elite gamers, comfort is king. With a revolutionary, multi-faceted adjustment system, the Elite Pro provides total control over headband tension and ear cup position so you can fine-tune your headset for a truly personalized fit.

Aerofit™ Ear Cushions

In the heat of battle, materials matter. The Aerofit Ear Cushions on the Elite Pro maximize comfort and boost performance by combining spandex fabric with gel-infused foam to keep you cool, while leather sidewalls isolate the acoustic chamber for superior sound.

ProSpecs™ Glasses Relief System

A patented pressure-release technology exclusive to the Elite Pro, ProSpecs allows gamers who wear glasses to create a small, adjustable channel in the ear cushion with the flip of a switch. Play for hours in total comfort, without pressure from a headset squeezing your frames.

Pro Gaming Microphone with TruSpeak™ Technology

In the words of OpTic Gaming, "one piece of communication can be the difference between victory and defeat." The Elite Pro’s omni-directional microphone with TruSpeak Technology ensures your commands come in loud and clear no matter what the conditions.

50mm Nanoclear™ Speakers

The all-new 50mm NanoClear Speakers created specifically for eSports deliver crisper sound with less distortion and the clearest team chat for a completely immersive audio experience.

The Elite Pro Tournament Audio Controller

The all new Tactical Audio Controller combines cutting-edge audio technology with powerful chat and microphone tuning at your fingertips. Pair it with the Elite Pro Headset for the ultimate pro gamer audio setup.


Full line of Elite Pro products from Turtle Beach

Play like a pro and get the ultimate tournament-level audio experience with the full range of Elite Pro accessories.

The Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset is the centerpiece of the ultimate pro gaming audio experience designed to help top eSports warriors like OpTic Gaming win. To get the absolute best performance from this meticulously crafted device, combine it with the optional Elite Pro Tournament Audio Controller, Elite Pro Tournament Noise-Cancelling Microphone, Elite Pro Tactical Audio Adapter for Xbox One or Elite Pro A.M.P. for PlayStation4 [each sold separately].

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